Interview: Jason Isaacs Mentions DH On BBC Radio 5

Jason IsaacsWhile promoting the DVD release of his film Good on BBC Radio 5, Jason Isaacs mentions the filming he has already done for Deathly Hallows as “Lucius Malfoy” at Malfoy Manor and more filming he will do soon with Ralph Fiennes as “Lord Voldemort”. When asked where the film adaptation of the seventh book will be split into two films, Mr. Isaacs almost confirmed what Joshua Herdman (Gregory Goyle) said about where the split will be.  Mr. Isaacs also mentions what it was like for him to attend his first Harry Potter premiere for Half-Blood Prince when he wasn’t even in the movie! Lol.

Click here to listen to Mr. Isaacs complete forty-minute interview with discussions of his other projects and critiques the top ten movies of the week with the hosts.

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