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Warwick DavisWe previously reported on Warwick Davis (Flitwick & Griphook) reading an excerpt from his book Size Matters Not.  Our friends at Snitchseeker managed to get an exclusive interview with the Harry Potter star before one of his book signings at the Forbidden Planet store in London, .  Here is an excerpt:

How did the book come about?

I’ve been approached by lots of publishers throughout the past five years, and it’s not something I thought about. 1) I’m not that old. I thought you only write an autiobiography when you’re in the twilight of your career. I eventually took it a bit seriously and thought, maybe there is a story here. Then sat down, the arrangements were made, I was indeed going to write this. Then I started to think through, “Well, where do I start?” It was really plotting out all the things that happened to me basically. The bullet points being: First movie role: Star Wars, then moving on to Willow and then Harry Potter, and then the stand-out moments. Then fill in the blanks. Do some research with family/parents – talk to them about me growing up, being born in Ireland … load of things about myself that I didn’t know. It was actually quite a rewarding experience because you get to stand back from it and look at your own career and actually appreciate it. You’re living the life, you don’t always stand back and go, “Aren’t I lucky to be doing this?” So it made me appreciate it and, since then, it’s made me appreciate everything I’m doing much, much more. I recommend it to everyone. Write a book. You’ll appreciate your own life.

You’ve got a few actors from the Harry Potter set in the book. Have you had any reactions from the cast about the book?

Not yet ‘cause, as of today, the book is more widely available now and filtered out to the shops. I delivered a couple of copies up to the producers’ office the other day, but apart from that I don’t believe anyone’s read it. No doubt in the coming weeks I’ll get some reactions. We’ll wait and see.

Did any of them contribute towards the book?

I wanted to make sure everything was OK in the book making reference to Harry Potter, done correctly. So I ran it through the producers’ office. David Heyman gave me a very nice endorsement. It’s included on the back of the book, no less. Obviously Warner Bros contributed a couple of images for the book as well. There not direct contributions. They’re stories about people.

Are you doing a U.S. tour for the book? (Question supplied via Twitter)
I’ve just about signed a U.S. publishing deal. I don’t know of a release date. I’ve been told over the summer there will be a U.S. version of my book, which will be slightly reworked to have a different cover, a different name, possibly, and I will have rewritten some of the inside to American-ize it. There are different things the publisher will demand of the book. Yes, very exciting. There’ll be two to collect then. If you’re an avid reader or a fan of mine, do get both versions.

You spent a lot of time in Pembrokeshire for the Shell Cottage scenes in Deathly Hallows. What was that like, being down in Wales?

Being down in Pembrokeshire was a bit like we were on holiday. It was an outing. I make the similarity to working on Harry Potter. It is a bit like going to school. We go back for each movie – that’s a new term. We spend our time at the school doing the shooting. And going down to Pembroke was a bit like a school trip. Then each movie that finishes – that’s the summer holidays. And we’re about to graduate, and finish, go our separate ways out into the big wide world. But Pembrokeshire, it was lovely to get out and about. It was weird being in a more public environment. We’re used to the studios. Closed doors. It’s just us.

Yes, there were a lot of photographers there.

Everywhere you looked on the sand dunes were the long lens looking at you. Big crowds gathered. We couldn’t do without it because we were right on the crest of the dune. They were trying to keep us down and covered up. But you just couldn’t do it the whole time, it was too hard. But the shell cottage was a marvelous looking set. It looked like it had been there for years. It was quite a spectacle. Sadly, they had to remove it. It would have made a nice tourist attraction. I very much enjoyed my time down there. It was actually nice in one way that it was out there, so there’s a certain amount I can then talk about. Because it is very hard. We work on Potter and it’s like working for the military. Everything’s top secret. It’s a lovely relief when the film comes out. You’re so used to not saying anything, you tend not to say anything.

Why did you join Twitter?
Why did I join Twitter? Because of Tom Felton. It was his fault. (laughs) Not his fault. We were sitting there on set – we spend lots of time sitting – and I said, “What are you up to there, texting and texting?” and he said, “Oh no, I’m on Twitter.” And I said, “What is this Twitter about?” and then he started to explain it. I said, “They’re interested in what you do?” and he said, “Oh yeah, I’ve got loads of followers.” He told me the app to get and he told me how to do it and I started doing it. It was really good fun. It’s quite interesting collecting followers – “Ooh, I’ve got that many now.” I follow him and few of the other Potters. James and Oliver are on there. Matt Lewis hasn’t done any tweeting for ages. So that’s why I did it. I just want to let people know what I’m up to because people are interested. We do these Q&A’s – it’s normally Potter fans. I’ll spend half an hour, because I’m in between whatever I’m doing, and it’s just a Q&A. It’s fun. But it is all the Potter fans.

Click here to read the complete interview because Mr. Warwick also mentions what it was like to play more than one character in the Harry Potter films and his impressions about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Snitchseeker also posted an audio edition of the interview.

Click here to watch him read one of his on set “Harry Potter” stories.

Thanks again to Snitchseeker

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