Final Days of HP Filming For Davis & Rankin

Warwick Davis

After portraying the well-known characters of Professor Flitwick and Ron Weasley’s older brother Percy in the Harry Potter films these past ten years, Warwick Davis (Flitwick) and Chris Rankin (Percy) mentioned on their Twitter accounts yesterday that they were each close to completing the scenes involving their characters:

WarwickADavis Today is a sad day for me at ‘Hogwarts’…it will be my last day as Prof. Flitwick. Feels like I’m saying farewell to a relative…forever.

WarwickADavis  …but, I’ll be back at Leavesden tomorrow as ‘Griphook’! It’s not over yet…

chrisrankin Well we’ve done some shooting but it’s wet…! Proper welled up mid take just now! Fortunately I fits with the scene though!

chrisrankin Those of you asking And guessing what scene it is we’re filming, you know I can’t possibly tell you!

chrisrankin And the rest is silence… Done, finished, no more. *sadface*  

 Dijares, more tissues please!

Source: WarwickADavis Official Twitter and chrisrankin Official Twitter

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