Tonner Doll Co Presents New 12” Harry Potter Collection

Harry Potter 12inch Tonner Doll

The Tonner Doll Company, who has been officially licensed to create 17″ dolls in the likeness of the stars from the Harry Potter films, updated the Harry Potter section of their site with news that they have started creating a new collection of Harry Potter dolls in a 12″ scale with the 2010 Fall/Holiday release of a 12″ Harry Potter ,  12″ Ron Weasley and a 16″ Professor McGonagall:


2010 Fall/Holiday Release

Take a step back to where it all began!

Introducing the NEW 12″ HARRY POTTERTM Collection!  Welcome to Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and let your adventures commence.  Robert Tonner introduces his new scale of character figuresTM representing the beloved characters from the earliest years.  Tonner’s newly engineered 12″ body sculpt (the body is comparable to Marley Wentworth’s body size, but includes even more points of articulation) paired with new likeness sculpts of the films’ actors will bring an exciting, new scale to your collection!

Please note this new collection scale is not compatible with the original scale character figuresTM.

According to their product descriptions, the 12″ Harry and Ron dolls will come in their “unmistakable” Hogwarts uniform covering abrand new, highly articulated body with a specially sculpted hand to hold his wand”.  A display stand will also be included.

 As for Professor McGonagall: 

PROFESSOR MCGONAGALLTM makes her long awaited debut to compliment Tonner®’s new line of 12″ HOGWARTSTM‘s students! This meticulous recreation arrives wearing a high-collared black dress with jeweled brooch under a plush robe with custom printing. She also comes wearing pantyhose, lace-up faux leather boots, and her unmistakable hat. Includes display stand.

In her description, the doll is noted to have a “Maggie Smith/Minerva McGonagall Head Sculpt, 16″ Tyler (another doll in the Tonner Collection) BW Body in Cameo Skintone with blue eyes and variegated hair” whereas the boys have “new 12″ child body with blue eyes”.

The price for Harry and Ron is $99.99 each.  The price for Professor McGonagall is $189.99.  The Gryffindor robes for the boys are sold separately at 19.99 each.

Hopefully, the 12″ Hermione Granger will be released very soon!

 The Tonner Doll Company still has plans to add more characters to their original 17″ scale collection of Harry Potter dolls.

Click here to see photos of the dolls in our photo gallery.

Click here for more information on the dolls and how to order them.

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  1. Dear Lilysowl, I hope they are going to make the Fantastic Beasts line as well. I have the others, but would love Queenie, Jacob, Newt and Tina (and a bowtruckle and niffler ). Please put in the good word. Kind regards.

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