Pottermore Not Opening to Public in Immediate Future

PottermoreAfter months of build up to the opening of JK Rowling’s new interactive website, Pottermore, a reporter from The Guardian has received a response from the website telling her that the site is not expected to be available to the public in the immediate future.

The reporter, Shoshana Kessler, was unlucky enough to have been on holiday during the beta tester sign ups for Pottermore, so missed her opportunity.  As a huge Harry Potter fan, she impatiently waited for her chance to access the site when it was to open to the public.  In October, word came that the site was extending their beta testing.  Since that date, nothing new has been mentioned about when the site will actually open to the public.

So, Shoshana contacted the site runners about this and received the following response:

“We have decided to further extend the beta period so we can improve Pottermore before giving more people access. This means the site will not be opening to new users in the immediate future.”

So, the only thing I can say Potter fans, is to have more patience.  Hopefully this is indicative of even greater things for Pottermore.  What ‘immediate’ means is anyone’s guess…it can mean they don’t mean to open it next week…or next month.  Your guess is as good as mine.  So, until then, pick up your dog-eared Harry Potter books (or, in my case, my worn out audiobooks) and read them again.  Catch things you didn’t catch the first (or 20th!) time.

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