A Festive Atmosphere at Pottermore

Pottermore ChristmasIn the midst of all the virtual wizarding activities provided by the site, Pottermore re-created some of the holiday decor seen in the Harry Potter films.  So, next time fans visit the site during the winter holidays, be sure to visit the following virtual locations like the Great Hall decked with “everlasting icicles; Diagon Alley’s cobbled street in the snow; the frozen Great Lake, Hogsmeade in the snow, and the troll in his furs on the Map on your Homepage.

They made their way slowly down the lawn, making a shallow trench in the glittering, powdery snow, their socks and the hems of their cloaks soaked and freezing. The Forbidden Forest looked as though it had been enchanted, each tree smattered with silver, and Hagrid’s cabin looked like an iced cake.

‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’Pottermore Insider

The site recommends leaving a message beneath the Christmas moments in Harry’s story or leave a message in the common room or the Great Hall to wish fellow fans a great holiday season.

It really does feel like Christmas at Hogwarts! 🙂

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