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Video: Rupert Grint Olympic Torch Relay & Interview

We previously told you that Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films) would be taking part in the ...

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Happy 23rd Birthday, Dan Radcliffe!

Dan Radcliffe, who portrays Harry Potter, turns 23 today! We hope he has a wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN!! [Translate]

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Video: JK Rowling, Kloves, Hogwarts Map & More!

We have a few videos from the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection which will be released on September 10, 2012.  We ...

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Rupert Grint’s Olympic Torch Run on July 25th

We previously told you that Rupert Grint would be taking part in the running of the Olympic torch, however we ...

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Dan Radcliffe Going for Romantic Comedy

Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is changing gears and doing a romantic comedy.  The F Word, and indie pic in which ...

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Emma Watson Shares a HP Moment on Facebook

“Honestly, don’t you two read?!” On her official Facebook page, Emma Watson reminded fans of this quote by “Hermione” whom ...

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Rupert Grint to Run with Olympic Torch

Rupert Grint revealed during an interview with RG.net that he’ll be one of the lucky people to run with the ...

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Dan Radcliffe Signed On for Another Thriller

Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) has signed up for another thriller.  His last film, The Woman in Black, was one of ...

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CoS Section Open on Pottermore for Slytherin

We previously reported that the Chamber of Secrets section on Pottermore would open to Slytherin House 24 hours ahead of others ...

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Matt Lewis To Appear In West End Production of ‘Our Boys’

After already appearing in a theater production of The Verdict by Agatha Christie last year, Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) will ...

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